• ZCoin (XZC) crypto currency has rank of 113 has a market capital of 84946000 ( eighty four million nine hundreds forty six thousand ).
  • The available supply of ZCoin (XZC) is 5131670 ( five million one hundred thirty one thousand six hundreds seventy ) and the total supply is 5131670 ( five million one hundred thirty one thousand six hundreds seventy ).
  • 1 hour change of ZCoin (XZC) is 0.14 %
  • 24 hours change of ZCoin (XZC) is -0.72 %
  • 7 days change of ZCoin (XZC) is 12.24 %
  • The Information of this page has been updated on 07/07/2018 11:57:14.

# 113
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ZCoin (XZC) Performance Chart

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ZCoin (XZC) Conversion to USD

XZC Text US Dollars
1 XZC 1 ZCoin (XZC) to US Dollars (USD) 16.55 USD
10 XZC 10 ZCoin (XZC) to US Dollars (USD) 165.53 USD
100 XZC 100 ZCoin (XZC) to US Dollars (USD) 1655.33 USD
1000 XZC 1000 ZCoin (XZC) to US Dollars (USD) 16553.3 USD
10000 XZC 10000 ZCoin (XZC) to US Dollars (USD) 165533 USD

ZCoin (XZC) Performance by Date

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Value (BTC)
20-06-2018 18.25 BTC
23-06-2018 16.24 BTC
26-06-2018 12.63 BTC
29-06-2018 16 BTC
02-07-2018 17 BTC
05-07-2018 17.78 BTC
08-07-2018 16.35 BTC
11-07-2018 16.66 BTC
14-07-2018 15.44 BTC
17-07-2018 17.48 BTC

ZCoin Converted to other Major Currencies
XZC to other currencies

Currency Pair Text Value
XZC to USD Convert ZCoin to US Dollar 16.55 USD
XZC to EUR Convert ZCoin to Euro 13.97 EUR
XZC to JPY Convert ZCoin to Japanese Yen 1872.46 JPY
XZC to GBP Convert ZCoin to British Pound Sterling 12.35 GBP
XZC to AUD Convert ZCoin to Australian Dollar 21.57 AUD
XZC to CAD Convert ZCoin to Canadian Dollar 21.28 CAD
XZC to CHF Convert ZCoin to Swiss Franc 16.34 CHF
XZC to CNY Convert ZCoin to Renminbi 108.87 CNY
XZC to SEK Convert ZCoin to Swedish Krona 138.34 SEK
XZC to NZD Convert ZCoin to New Zealand Dollar 23.71 NZD
XZC to MXN Convert ZCoin to Mexican Peso 318.01 MXN
XZC to SGD Convert ZCoin to Singapore Dollar 22.27 SGD
XZC to HKD Convert ZCoin to Hong Kong Dollar 129.51 HKD
XZC to NOK Convert ZCoin to Norwegian Krone 137.93 NOK
XZC to KRW Convert ZCoin to South Korean Won 17882.36 KRW
XZC to TRY Convert ZCoin to Turkish Lira 63.43 TRY
XZC to RUB Convert ZCoin to Russian Ruble 970.72 RUB
XZC to INR Convert ZCoin to Indian Rupee 1061.44 INR
XZC to BRL Convert ZCoin to Brazilian Real 54.45 BRL
XZC to ZAR Convert ZCoin to South African Rand 210.3 ZAR

ZCoin (XZC) Converted to other Crypto Currencies

Currency Pair Text Value
XZC to BTC Convert to Bitcoin 0
XZC to ETH Convert to Ethereum 0
XZC to BCH Convert to Bitcoin Cash 0
XZC to XRP Convert to Ripple 0
XZC to LTC Convert to Litecoin 0
XZC to ADA Convert to Cardano 0
XZC to XLM Convert to Stellar 0
XZC to EOS Convert to EOS 0
XZC to NEO Convert to NEO 0
XZC to MIOTA Convert to IOTA 0
XZC to DASH Convert to Dash 0
XZC to XEM Convert to NEM 0
XZC to XMR Convert to Monero 0
XZC to TRX Convert to TRON 0
XZC to USDT Convert to Tether 0
XZC to ETC Convert to Ethereum Classic 0
XZC to VEN Convert to VeChain 0
XZC to QTUM Convert to Qtum 0
XZC to XTZ Convert to Tezos 0
XZC to BCN Convert to Bytecoin 0
XZC to OMG Convert to OmiseGO 0
XZC to ONT Convert to Ontology 0
XZC to BNB Convert to Binance Coin 0
XZC to ICX Convert to ICON 0
XZC to ZIL Convert to Zilliqa 0
XZC to ZEC Convert to Zcash 0
XZC to LSK Convert to Lisk 0
XZC to BTG Convert to Bitcoin Gold 0
XZC to ZRX Convert to 0x 0
XZC to AE Convert to Aeternity 0
XZC to DCR Convert to Decred 0
XZC to BTS Convert to BitShares 0
XZC to XVG Convert to Verge 0
XZC to DGB Convert to DigiByte 0
XZC to STEEM Convert to Steem 0
XZC to SC Convert to Siacoin 0
XZC to BAT Convert to Basic Attention Token 0
XZC to MKR Convert to Maker 0
XZC to BCD Convert to Bitcoin Diamond 0
XZC to REP Convert to Augur 0
XZC to NANO Convert to Nano 0
XZC to NPXS Convert to Pundi X 0
XZC to BTM Convert to Bytom 0
XZC to WTC Convert to Waltonchain 0
XZC to WAVES Convert to Waves 0
XZC to DOGE Convert to Dogecoin 0
XZC to RHOC Convert to RChain 0
XZC to STRAT Convert to Stratis 0
XZC to GNT Convert to Golem 0
XZC to KCS Convert to KuCoin Shares 0
XZC to SNT Convert to Status 0
XZC to PPT Convert to Populous 0
XZC to WAN Convert to Wanchain 0
XZC to XIN Convert to Mixin 0
XZC to HSR Convert to Hshare 0
XZC to MITH Convert to Mithril 0
XZC to DGD Convert to DigixDAO 0
XZC to IOST Convert to IOST 0
XZC to HT Convert to Huobi Token 0
XZC to LRC Convert to Loopring 0
XZC to AION Convert to Aion 0
XZC to BTCP Convert to Bitcoin Private 0
XZC to KMD Convert to Komodo 0
XZC to ELF Convert to aelf 0
XZC to MAID Convert to MaidSafeCoin 0
XZC to MANA Convert to Decentraland 0
XZC to ARDR Convert to Ardor 0
XZC to NAS Convert to Nebulas 0
XZC to GXS Convert to GXChain 0
XZC to MONA Convert to MonaCoin 0
XZC to ARK Convert to Ark 0
XZC to POWR Convert to Power Ledger 0
XZC to MCO Convert to Monaco 0
XZC to LOOM Convert to Loom Network 0
XZC to KNC Convert to Kyber Network 0
XZC to CTXC Convert to Cortex 0
XZC to RDD Convert to ReddCoin 0
XZC to CNX Convert to Cryptonex 0
XZC to DCN Convert to Dentacoin 0
XZC to DROP Convert to Dropil 0
XZC to CMT Convert to CyberMiles 0
XZC to ETHOS Convert to Ethos 0
XZC to EMC Convert to Emercoin 0
XZC to GAS Convert to Gas 0
XZC to BNT Convert to Bancor 0
XZC to POLY Convert to Polymath 0
XZC to PAY Convert to TenX 0
XZC to SKY Convert to Skycoin 0
XZC to MOAC Convert to MOAC 0
XZC to FUN Convert to FunFair 0
XZC to VERI Convert to Veritaseum 0
XZC to CENNZ Convert to Centrality 0
XZC to ENG Convert to Enigma 0
XZC to SYS Convert to Syscoin 0
XZC to ELA Convert to Elastos 0
XZC to WAX Convert to WAX 0
XZC to FCT Convert to Factom 0
XZC to THETA Convert to Theta Token 0
XZC to NULS Convert to Nuls 0